Top Tips for Betting Success

Unfortunately, there is no secret ingredient or mystery to unlock that guarantees long term betting success.

Instead, you’ll need to bet smart, do your research and hope for a slice of luck if your bets are to be successful. If you do, then you will have plenty of fun betting and, who knows, maybe make some money along the way!

Make the Most of Bonuses

Most bookmakers offer generous bonuses and promotions when new players sign up to their websites. These usually include deposit bonuses, free bets or a mixture of the two, and these are a fantastic way to build a bankroll to aid your long-term betting goals.

Do Your Homework

Betting ‘blind’ is an absolute no-no; you must always put in the research to make sure the selections that you are betting on stand a good chance of being successful.

League tables, form guides, latest sports news, head-to-head records, weather, type of match….all of these can be factors in determining the outcome of a sporting event. By getting ‘in the know’, you increase your chances of long term betting success.

Don’t Go Crazy!

The temptation once you have discovered sports betting is to try and win a life changing sum of money each and every week! This is not a strategy for success, because you will be throwing away good money in pursuit of a pipedream.

Instead, keep stake amounts manageable, bet on sensible selections (don’t be tempted to try ten-team accumulators and the like) and try to slowly build your bankroll via logical betting.

Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

This is the golden rule of sports betting: always stay in control of your activities. There is a term known as ‘chasing losses’, where bettors who have lost their wagers then bet again to try and win back their money.

This is a huge mistake, as betting as an emotional response – without doing the necessary research – is a recipe for disaster. Stay disciplined at all times.

There is No Such Thing as ‘Streaks’

Believe it or not, and despite what you might hear, there is no such thing as a hot or cold streak. If you enjoy a series of wins – or losses for that matter – then it is not down to fate or luck or any other external factor, it is down to the amount of time you have spent researching (and a little bit of luck, perhaps).

Keep Track of Your Bets

Finally, it makes sense to track the success and failure of your bets in a spreadsheet or notebook. Do you seem to do well – or badly – when betting on a specific sport or particular market? You will only know if you keep track of your bets accurately. Many bettors consider their wagers as an investment, and you wouldn’t lose track of how your investments have done, would you?

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